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How many hours will you need?

We suggest planning on approximately 45 guests per hour through the PhotoBooth. This will vary depending on how many people use the booth individually, as couples, or as small groups. Our booth can accommodate up to about 6 people at once. Everyone in each photo receives their own Photo Strip, automatically and at no extra charge.

Please note that our 1½ hour sessions are only available for small parties like birthdays and graduations. They’re limited to around 60 guests.

  • Our time to set up and break down are not counted against your operating time.
  • Advance setup is available for $75/hour. Add to the beginning of a session when setup would otherwise be a distraction.

Setting up

The Photo Booth requires an area approximately 6’×9′ and access to grounded (3 prong) 120v AC power. We require an area approximately 8’x12′ while setting up, since we need room to assemble various parts.

We suggest placing the booth in a very visible location, with room for a small line to form. If you are having a Keepsake Book, we will require a small table, and sufficient room around it for guests.

We arrive approximately an hour prior to your scheduled start time to assemble the booth. We can not set up the booth with guests nearby, so please discuss your timing and location with us.

The booth must be set up indoors. We may be able to accommodate an outdoor location provided it is under cover from the elements, and on a paved surface.

The booth is on wheels, and while it is portable we can not carry it up stairs. Please ensure your venue has handicap access to your area, and most importantly, that they will allow us to use it.


A 50% deposit of the package is required to make a reservation. Cancellations more than 60 days in advance will receive a full refund. Less than 60 days in advance will receive a partial refund. Please ask us for details.